Have you spent tons of money purchasing lotions and potions to heal your dry, itchy, sensitive, sun damaged, or injured skin, only to be completely disappointed with the results?
Are you concerned that the products you purchase for your skin are doing more harm than good? Are you looking for an organic, ethical, and green alternative to your skin care regimen, that does the same thing your old products do, ONLY BETTER?!  Then I have the answer to all your lotion and healing serum needs! Check out these dramatic before and after pictures and read Tara's experience using Lucky Kat Lotion!

"About a year ago at the age of 42 I had a pretty decent accident/fall.  I wound up “sliding” on the asphalt and breaking my collar bone for a second time.  I had severe road rash on my right should and arm.  I also had it on other parts of my body like my hands, feet and legs.  I was trying to keep it clean the best I could and tried putting on over the counter ointments but it just looked awful.  My friend gave me a small jar of the product and told me to use it 2 times a day.  I used it morning and night and literally within 2 weeks I noticed a HUGE difference.  It helped by repairing my damaged skin, keeping it from drying out and without pain.  My arm that should have been completely scared is not.  You can barely see it, only when I am in the sun can you tell.  This product is amazing.  I have 3 step-kids, my daughter is a walking scrape and when I put it on her it’s literally like magic.  I honestly wouldn’t use another product.  It’s natural, it smells great (which is out of the norm) and it WORKS!  That’s the biggest, it’s a natural product that works.  Look at my before and after pictures, see for yourself!  You will love it too, especially if you have accident prone kids!"  -Tara

It would be our pleasure to send you a FREE sample of our organic, succulent hard lotion! (Like the one pictured above!) All you have to do is pay for shipping!
Lucky Kat Lotion is an organic hard lotion, in an easy to use twist up tube. All of our handpicked ingredients have been chosen in the rawest form available, in order to preserve all of the rejuvenating and healing properties of each plant based oil and butter. Our skin is the largest organ, our first line of defense in maintaining homeostasis, so we must protect it and respect it, the same way we love and care for our insides. All ingredients are non-toxic, non-GMO, absolutely zero bullshit!  
Kathleen (Kat) is co-owner and creator of Lucky Kat Lotion. A fierce mama bear, devoted to creating ethical and succulent lotions, for those that give a sh*t about what goes on their families bodies. We speak to fellow Mama Bears (and Papa Bears!), who seek responsibly made, non-toxic products, and has adopted a holistic approach to running a household. Kathleen and her family lived on Kauai for 12 years, the last 5 proving to be the most challenging, as they lived completely off the grid. It was during this time that her daughter was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called Smith-Magenis Syndrome. This diagnosis became the driving force behind wanting to create the most holistic household possible. She became a DIY geek, and Pinterest hoarding maven, the end result being a beautiful assortment of lotions, that has developed a loyal following.
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